Case Review

The advertising agency NEWLINK GROUP has entrusted us with the creation of the explanatory graphic video "MPF" (Making the Most of Multi-Perspective Feedback) for its client CITI BANK. We had to create the look of the characters for this and future bells, for which we started working with our team of illustrators, we arrived at the result shown below. CITI MPF is a training video for internal use of CITI BANK.


Training video graphic: Making the Most of Multi-Perspective Feedback


May 2018

Character design

The following slides will illustrate a number of characters that could be used in several roles during the Citibank LEPD video. Feel free to choose characters by LETTER as they appear in this document. Feel free to consider not only the characters but also types of clothing, facial expressions, etc so that the ideal mix of wardrobe, facial expressions, skin colors, etc are selected to create the final characters. Once the right mix of character traits have been selected, then we will go ahead and create the final characters during the post production process of the video. Just to facilitate, we will start showing characters who go from the more formal to the more informal as we progress through this presentation. The last slide shows our SUGGESTED LEPD Characters for this video.

Character design

Citi Formal Set

Character design

Citi Semi Informal Set

Character design

Citi Informal Set

Character design

Citi LEPD Suggested Character Mix