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Explanatory graphic video

Case Review

The advertising agency NEWLINK GROUP has entrusted us with the creation of a graphic video for its client "Inter-American Investment Corporation" to explain one of its main programs whose name is "CREA TU FUTURO" CREATE YOUR FUTURE. From a script created by the creative area of the agency we began to work primarily on the design of the characters and general look, looking for a style of flat shapes and full colors, presented several proposals of characters and environments, once Once the definitive ones were chosen, the step to the storyboard stage was made so that the client could see how to represent in graphic and animated way the different moments of the script. Below the resulting video you all the joint effort between our agency and the NEWLINK GROUP.


Video graphic: Inter-American Investment Corporation


December 2018

Character design #1

The client asked us to create characters with limbs out of normal propsions, we started working with this proposal.

Character design #2

The design of these characters to the client seemed interesting but he asked us to continue exploring new designs that give him the personality they were looking for.

Character design #3

We feel that we are close to the design sought by the client, we continue working ...

Character design #4

This was the final design approved by the client, disproportionate expressions, identity and contemporaneity.